About Our Team

Hospitality, Caring, Integrity, Accountability, Innovation, & Dedication!

These are the core values that motivate our team members to create the perfect experience for our guests. Whether you are a member of our Training Club, or you just need a little advice on how to get started, our team members are looking forward to helping you find your path to fitness. Our team members excel at helping you find the right starting point, building a plan for success, showing you the ins and outs of successful training sessions, keeping you motivated and on track, and making sure that you get the most from every visit.


If you are looking for a fast track to fitness, our Personal Training sessions make it easy to find the perfect fitness plan to meet your goals. Our certified personal trainers create the perfect programs, designed completely around you. And they’ll help you maintain your motivation and cheer you on when you do that last rep.

Try Our Personal Training Programs

Personal training is the fastest way to get incredible results from your workout. Our experienced trainers develop fun & effective individualized programs that incorporate fitness & nutrition to help you rapidly reach your goals.


With modern, cutting-edge programs our team of trainers ensures you’re getting an effective and energizing workout that will keep you motivated on every visit.

“At Courtside Fitness, we want to provide a superior all-inclusive physical fitness facility that will encourage & facilitate total family physical & nutritional health.” ~ Dr. Douglas Hughes

We all know that healthy habits start at a young age. This is not just true for fitness, it is also true for healthy eating and educational habits. Our program, Courtside Kids, focuses on all of the above. We have education professionals on staff that will make sure that your child will not only develop healthy lifestyle habits but also receive a comprehensive educational program that will help them develop healthy learning habits as well.

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