About Courtside

A Gym Built for the Whole Family

Courtside Fitness is a community-focused, fun, family-friendly gym, health center, & daycare all in one. We take a different approach to health by making it easy for your family to take part in fun, group-driven activities, & more to promote better health for the entire family. Our daycare, Nutrition Bar, basketball courts, fitness classes, & batting-cage are just a few of the many ways we are different. The owners and founders of Courtside Fitness, Dr.  Douglas Hughes and wife Dr. Katrina Hughes, understand that to tackle family wellness, we must focus on the health of the family as a whole. With a program that includes children as well as adults, the couple created Courtside Fitness to tackle crucial fitness & nutrition goals for the whole family.


Courtside provides healthy exercise with their traditional gym & fitness facility services while also adding fun, healthy additions that encourage the whole family to participate. With the addition of programs like basketball, baseball/softball training, & swimming geared towards youth & young adults, they facilitate participation in healthy activities at an early age. Additionally, they provide nutrition education for members through our personal-training staff & offer healthy nutrition options on the premises through their Nutrition Lab.


With the inclusion of full-time & in-gym daycare with a heavy focus on education, they have completed the circle, allowing families to visit and enjoy their time or to take it to the next level by enrolling their kids in the program full-time.

Where Family, Fun, & Fitness Meet!

Exercise not only improves health, but increases self-confidence and reduces stress. Making time for active, fun family workouts is also the perfect way to deepen bonds and boost activity levels. Whether you are into basketball, swimming, studio classes like spin or CrossFit, or weightlifting & interval training, we have a program that will fit your activity level and busy schedule.

“At Courtside Fitness, we want to provide a superior all-inclusive physical fitness facility that will encourage & facilitate total family physical & nutritional health.” ~ Dr. Douglas Hughes

We offer traditional fitness facility services like weightlifting, Spin, CrossFit, personal training and more. With basketball, baseball/softball training, and swimming geared towards youth and young adults, Courtside Fitness is the perfect solution for families and individuals. By adding nutrition education for members through our personal training staff and healthy nutrition options on the premises, it has never been easier to get and stay in shape.

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